The FlyBear Pick & Pack Process and Guide

This article provides a step-by-step guide to FlyBear’s basic pick & pack process. Of course, processes differ from client-to-client. Check out the links below for a shorter summary and our rates.

Starting the Pick & Pack Process

  1. Provide your SKU list (Item list), details, images and the amount of current stock you have. Let us know if you don’t have a current stock count and we would have to do it when items come into the warehouse.
  2. Your company will receive an inventory management system account filled with your items / SKUs.
  3. Please let us know if you have specific requirements for your storage and packing procedures. IE, Card printing, bubble wrapping, box assembly, etc.
  4. We will print barcodes for items that require it. FlyBear will send the printed barcodes to you so that you can stick them onto your products. A fee will be levied if we were to stick the barcodes onto your products.
  5. Grant us limited access to your web stores (WooCommerce, Shopify, etc) and marketplaces (Lazada, Shopee) so that we will be able to check the orders and fulfill correctly.

Stock – In Process / Inbound

Fulfillment Storage pick and pack

  1. Mark items to their corresponding SKUs so that we are able to identify each item correctly.
  2. Prior to stock arrival, send us the delivery order / list for the incoming shipment.
  3. Deliver the items to our warehouse via courier or request a FlyBear Van pick-up to transport the items to our warehouse from anywhere in the Klang Valley.
  4. Once items arrive into our warehouse, the shipment will be itemised and counted so that we can verify the amount based on the delivery order / list.
  5. The inventory system will be updated with the new stock amount.


  1. Each SKU will have designated spaces on our racks. We record the SKUs and their corresponding locations in the cloud-based inventory system.
  2. We keep the air-conditioned and climate-controlled warehouse safe with CCTVs and security patrols around the building.

Pick & Pack Process

There are two types of orders – Online orders and consignment orders.

Online Orders

These are orders from marketplaces (Lazada, Shopee, etc), web stores (WooCommerce, EasyStore, etc) or other avenues (Facebook, Instagram, etc). Online orders are generally sent out by courier companies.

  1. We receive order notifications through e-mail, platforms, apps, or messaging services.
  2. Once the order is received, we add the order into the cloud-based inventory system.
  3. We print all the orders for the day and begin the picking process.
  4. We pick all the items from their corresponding racks.
  5. Our staff packs the orders based on your requirements. IE, pack in boxes, with bubble wrap, etc.
  6. We will order your preferred courier company, print the air waybills as well as update the web store / marketplace / platform so that the logistic companies are notified of new pick-up requirements.
  7. Most courier companies pick up orders in our warehouse daily. We are also strategically placed to deliver parcels to other notable drop-off points, such as J&T and DHL.

Consignment / Stockist Orders

These are orders sent to physical stores in carton / plastic boxes in bulk. IE, to Parkson, or events / bazaars. These orders will generally require more time to pack and delivery is via van.

  1. We receive the order through e-mail.
  2. Our staff adds the order into the cloud-based inventory system.
  3. We print the order and begin the picking process.
  4. We pick all the items from their corresponding racks.
  5. Our staff packs the order into carton / plastic boxes.
  6. The delivery van is scheduled and the items are picked up.
  7. For events / bazaars, the FlyBear van will deliver items directly to your booth so that you can have peace of mind.


FlyBear charges are tied directly to the amount of stock and orders you have.

  1. We charge monthly management fees that includes access to the inventory system, logistical management and more.
  2. Charges for storage is weekly based on your inventory’s total size.
  3. We levy standard charges for stock-in, online orders, and consignment orders.
  4. We levy additional charges for extra requirements such as box assembly, card printing, bubble wrapping and more.

Pick & Pack Process Conclusion

We don’t see ourselves as service providers. Instead, we see ourselves as partners. We will try to accommodate every request because we want to make sure that the final product delivered is up to your standards.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible. We guarantee constant and professional communication because we want to put your minds at ease. If there are any problems, we will work hand-in-hand with you to solve them.

Contact us if we’ve convinced you to use our services.

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