Shopee Average Preparation Time and Fast Handover Metrics – Changes To Be Considered!

As of the 2nd Quarter of 2024, Shopee Average Preparation Time and Fast Handover metrics have been introduced. This is a brand new metric that will determine your viability to enter the Preferred or Preferred+ Seller Programme.

Shopee Average Preparation Time

Prior to 1 March 2024, Average Preparation Time was not considered a requirement. However, now, as you can see below, it determines whether you are in their Preferred program.

Shopee Average Preparation Time

Shopee Average Preparation Time is the time from when an order is paid to the time the order is handed over to the courier. For example, if the order was made at 2PM on Monday, it will need to be handed over to the courier company before 2PM on Tuesday if you would like to be under Preferred+. If, however you are unable to do so, you will not be penalised but your status might be dropped!

Shopee Fast Handover

You will be considered a Fast Shipper if you fulfill and hand over all orders made between 12.01AM to 2PM on the same day. Once more, you will not be penalised if you do not do so, nor will you lose any Preferred status. Instead, Fast Shippers are rewarded with a tag on their products as well as a filter in the search menu.

Shopee Fast Handover

With that said, you never know when this might be a criteria for the Preferred programs. Practice and get your items out soon.

One More Change

Starting June 2024, Saturday will now be considered a full working day for Preferred and Mall status shops in Shopee. Sunday, public holidays (both federal and state) are still considered off days.

Final Thoughts – Shopee Average Preparation Time

Shopee has implemented some major criteria that will require you to look into your fulfillment operations. This might also lead to more pre-planning, but some extra cost as well.

If you have a fulfillment company like Flybear, talk to them and work closely with them to ensure you can get to where you need to be!