Controlled Humidity Warehouse Features

Visual Capturing
Fulfillment Warehouse Photo
Capturing Inbound & Outbound Processes

Need footage and verification that parcels are packed and sent out correctly?

Don’t worry! FlyBear’s inbound and outbound processes include CCTV and barcode scanning that captures every single item coming in and going out of the warehouse.

Temperature & Humidity Control
Warehouse Photo
Temperature & Humidity Control Warehousing

No direct sunlight enters the warehouse. In addition, air circulation has been optimised so that humidity stays between 35% – 60%.

The FlyBear Warehouse also includes a section that is cooled down to temperatures of 23 degrees during operational hours.

Safe & Secure
Safe Warehouse
Safe & Secure Warehousing

The FlyBear compound is stationed with security guards and CCTVs. The warehouse itself is located on the third floor of a multi-storey industrial building, so getting in and out undetected is virtually impossible!

Clean & Organised
Fulfillment Warehouse Photo
Clean & Organised Warehousing

The FlyBear Warehouse has been meticulously planned to be efficient, organised and clean.

Our efforts have led to increase speeds for both inbound and outbound processes, as well as accurate stock keeping for all our brands.

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FlyBear Pick and Pack employs cutting-edge warehouse facilities for you to store your inventory confidently. Our controlled humidity warehouse safeguards your inventory from weather conditions, preserving your products in good condition and perfect for temperature-sensitive goods like beauty and cosmetics. Located in a multi-story building with a fully equipped CCTV network, we keep unwanted visitors out of reach and far away from your precious stock.

Your Inventory is our inventory

At FlyBear Pick and Pack, we treat your inventory like our lifeblood. We don’t just store your stock. We create the perfect environment for it to thrive. Imagine clean, organized shelves alongside lightning-fast inbound and outbound processes.

With good ventilation and meticulous handling, you will never find even a speck of grime on your goods. Moreover, our carefully designed layouts ensure your parcels fly out of the door the moment an order is received.

We Receive !VIP Treatment!, And So Will You!

We have partnered with Ninjavan to give our brands the best courier services within the country. From as low as 1.2 days from date of pickup, Ninjavan goes above and beyond with their deliveries.

Ninjavan Logo

Powered by !The Best! Warehouse Management System

Ever wondered how we move so fast? Flybear partners with Anchanto, Southeast Asia’s leading Warehouse Management System.

Through Anchanto, Flybear connects directly to major marketplaces and web stores via API connections. Simply put, we get your orders automatically in real-time!

Benefit From Our !Network of Expert Services! To Help You Grow!

And get a rebate while doing it!

Leap eCommerce
Leap Logo
Maximise Your Sales On Shopee & Lazada

Our partners, Leap eCommerce can help you with your marketplace stores!
– Optimise Product Listing
– Store Setup
– Store Management
– Shopee / Lazada Ads Management

Alien Logistics
Alien Logistics
Import Stock From Around The World

Our partner, Alien Logistics, are experts in transporting stock safely by sea, air and land!
– Transporation & Distribution
– Custom Clearance
– Permits, Licenses & Certificates

Bike Bear
Bike Bear Logo
Create and Increase Brand Awareness

Our partner, Bike Bear, is a digital marketing agency specialising in, well, everything to get your brand to new heights!
– SEO & SEM Advertising
– Social Media Marketing
– Web Design

TikTok Shop Logo - Fulfillment Partner

We are currently working with partners to develop a solution to help you sell more on TikTok Shop!

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