Pick and Packing E-Commerce Orders Better With Affordable Pro Equipment

Pick and packing e-commerce orders can be such a burden if you don’t have the right equipment. The amount of time spent, the required effort to organise and pack – it all becomes too much.

To make your life easier, here is a list of professional equipment that will definitely help you speed up your fulfillment process.

Equipment For Pick and Packing E-Commerce Orders

Thermal printer

Thermal Waybill Printer

A thermal waybill printer helps print out all your orders easier and faster as it prints right on to sticker paper.

These printers are relatively affordable and does not need any ink (so it saves a lot).

boltless racks

Boltless Racks

These Boltless racks come in many different sizes and weight capacities. If your items are small, then you don’t need anything heavy duty.

Boltless racks make it easy to add more levels without the need for screws. In addition, level heights can be changed to fit your SKU sizes. We recommend checking TTF.

pick bins

Pick Bins

Pick bins can come in many shapes, sizes and makes. In this image here, the pick bins are made out of cardboard, but some are made out of plastic.

Pick bins help separate your SKUs, making it much easier to label each bin and location.

picking trolley

Picking Trolleys With Bins

Get some bins for your orders. If you receive 20 orders a day, maybe start with 10 bins.

When picking, one bin is one order. If you are working with paper, put the picking list for each order (alongside the airway bill) into separate bins. This will make it easy to identify the order and the items in each order.

The trolley is just needed if you have a lot of SKUs and need to move around the bins quickly.

packing table

Packing Tables

While you can use any table to pack, packing tables have been made to make your life easier by ensuring everything you need to pack is at arms length.

The bubble wrap is below, and many come with enough space to add flattened boxes, tape and more.


Pro-Tip: CCTV Cameras & Scanners

On our tables at Flybear Pick & Pack, we have fitted cameras and scanners. This means that we track the packing process through digital timestamps. We can then reference the cameras to see if anything wrong happened during the packing process.

This footage and timestamp help ensure we have the proof in case there’s disputes on orders.

parcel trolley

Parcel Trolley

Depending on how many orders you receive per day, you might need a place to put all your parcels.

In the beginning, you can probably put everything in a basket. However, 40 orders might need something with wheels.

No only that, but you might soon need to segregate all your parcels by courier companies! At that point you might need more than one basket / trolley.


Pick and packing equipment doesn’t need to break the bank, however, the larger the operations, the more you will need. It would be best to try and plan ahead.

If you need any help in setting up your own warehouse or small operations, send us a message! We would be glad to help with our consultation program.