Increasing Online Sales with Kit Bundling

A very under utilised method in e-commerce is increasing online sales with kit bundling. The founder of PTT Outdoor, Mike, talked about the importance of it in this article here.

Why is Kit Bundling Important?

Simply, kit bundling increases the size of your customer’s order basket. Instead of paying RM 15 for one item, they may end up spending RM 25 for two items in a bundle. It does this through two ways;

  • Recommending and introducing related items that the customer might deem as another good item to buy. For example, if I wanted to purchase a Vlog set-up, I might have looked for just a phone tripod. If you offer a bundle that includes the phone tripod, a ring light and a microphone for a good price, I might just buy that instead.
  • Making the customer’s life easier by lowering time to search for all the products they were looking for anyways. Again, taking the example above, I might be looking for a phone tripod and a ring light separately. However, if you offer it in a package, I no longer need to search. I’ll just buy the bundle.

How to Increase Online Sales with Kit Bundling

There are a few rules required coming up with a kit bundle;

Increase online sales with kit bundling
  • They have to be related objects. You can’t offer a frying pan and a ring light in one bundle – nobody will purchase this. Instead, think about situations where items will pair well. Cuura does this very well with their Cuurated Bundle Kits, offering curated kits for acne control, hypersensitive skin, uneven skin tone and more. This narrows down the customer’s options, and thus, the time spent looking for items to purchase. They just get the kit and that’s it!
  • The sum of the kit should be less than if they were to buy it individually. If the total value of your kit is actually RM 500, give a bit of a discount. This will go a long way!
  • Market the kits more than the individual products. It’s a two for one, actually. By marketing the kits, you will also market the individual products anyways.

Fulfilling Kit Bundles The Right Way

One barrier to kit bundles is the fulfillment at large scales. You can’t pre-bundle your kits because that means you would need to reserve stock for those kits. If you run out of individual items, you have to break the pre-bundled kit and, well, it gets messy.

Instead, you can utilise softwares like Zetpy, that help break the kits in the backend, not only telling you what items actually need to be fulfilled, but also, controls the stock count correctly.

With a software like this, you create a ‘virtual kit’. From there, you map the virtual kit to individual SKUs. After that, everything is automated.

For example;

12-Raya-Bundle1 x Kuih Raya
3 x Raya Packets
2 x Ketupats

When someone orders the product 12-Raya-Bundle, you will see the breakdown. In addition, your stock count will be accurate, usually basing the Kit bundle on the SKU that has the least amount of items.

At Flybear, we use a system that does this as well. From our side, we see individual SKUs of each Kit SKU, making it easy to fulfill the right SKUs every single time. So if you ever need help in increasing online sales with kit bundling, contact us and we can explain further!