4 Tips To Increase Your Lazada Store Traffic

E-commerce stores have quickly become everyone’s favourite medium for online shopping. And because of this, many people have started their own e-commerce stores. Setting up an online shop on Lazada is a fairly simple process (How to Set Up a Lazada Store), but merely having an online store doesn’t mean you’ll bring in a ton of sales. Sounds harsh, but that’s the reality we live in. The easier it is to set up an online store, the more competitors you have. So, how can you increase your Lazada store traffic? Well, we’ve laid out all the answers for you here:

Tip #1: Use Lazada Business Advisors Tools To Optimise Keywords For Product Listings

Source: Split Dragon

One great thing about Lazada is that they have business advisors tools (Lazada Business Advisor – An Intro by Split Dragon) that can help you track your store’s performance and boost your sales. These tools can help you:

i. Find And Optimise Keywords

When listing products, it’s important to use keywords that customers typically search for in the search box. For example, it’s always better to name your product “MSI Gaming Laptop i5” compared to “MSI Laptop” because customers who are looking for this product would search for “gaming laptop”. In other words, use relevant and accurate keywords in your product title by following the format “Brand, Model, Attribute 1, Attribute 2” (How to optimise your product listings on Lazada). This way you’ll be able to increase your sales organically without having to fork out a lot of money on an expensive marketing strategy. By using the Lazada Business Advisors tools, you’ll be able to conduct keyword research to improve your product title and drive more traffic to your e-commerce store. Check out Lazada’s ranking alorigithim here: How to Sell on Lazada to Grow Business Outreach using Best SEO Practices – CedCommerce Blog

ii. Understand Customer Behaviour

A great seller is one who remembers that he/she was first a customer. Being able to put yourself in your customer’s shoes shows that you can be empathic to their needs, which allows you to understand your customers’ behaviour better. When you know how your customers think, you can cater your keywords to match their shopping styles. Usually, the first thing that attracts a customer to a certain product is the product’s name. This is when keywords come in handy. But, avoid using generic words like “blanket” because it will drown out your products in terms of SEO rankings (Get more sales on LAZADA by optimizing the KEY “name” of your product – a Lazada Vendor Acquisition insider tip – LinkedIn). Instead, use descriptive words like “long cotton purple blanket” to really stand out among the other products. Understanding how your customers think will aid in coming up with specific keywords for all your products.

iii. Compare Trending Keywords

If you’ve optimised your keywords, but still don’t see a surge in sales then something must be wrong. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to overcome this issue. All you have to do is compare the words used in the product titles and descriptions of Lazada’s best selling items. By doing so, you’ll be able to narrow down the words used by competitors to get sales (Lazada Keyword Research Strategy: Learn from Your Top Competitors | Split Dragon). Once you’ve managed to highlight all the different words, you can incorporate them into your product titles to rank them higher in an SEO search.

Tip #2: Utilise Your Lazada Feed To Increase Your Store Visibility 

Just like how we scroll Instagram, the Lazada feed (Lazada Sales Funnel – A Breakdown Of The Stages) works in the same way. Think of it as your shop’s feature page on social media. On the Lazada feed, you’ll be able to post pictures or updates about your products and your followers will see them. This is a great way to boost store visibility because it’s free of charge and all you have to do is post on it the same way we do on social media. Additionally, Lazada’s feed gives sellers the opportunity to convert normal customers into returning customers. One way they make this happen is by using high-resolution and attractive product images which have been proven to attract any type of customer. So, if you want to gain customer loyalty, then you should be active on the Lazada feed because it’ll remind your followers that you’re still in business. 

Tip #3: Promote Your Lazada Account On Your Social Media & Website 

If you have a massive following on your personal social media accounts, then you should definitely promote your Lazada account on them! This is probably the easiest and fastest way to drive traffic to your e-commerce store. Additionally, you could also get your friends to promote your online shop on their social media accounts as well. By doing so, you’ll have an increased number of searches which leads to a higher ranking in Lazada’s SEO algorithm. This means that your store will pop up more when someone searches for a specific product or keyword that relates back to your online shop. Promotion via social media will help to build brand awareness, grow an audience of loyal customers, and increase sales overall.

Tip #4: Join Flash Sales 

Source: Lazada

As a seller, the best thing you could do for your business is grow your customer base. And the first step to doing that is to establish a brand presence. In order to do this, you should consider joining Lazada flash sales (An Introductory Guide To Flash Sales For Online Brands & Sellers) to drive more traffic to your store. Lazada flash sales offer a discounted price for a limited time and on specific products. More often than not, the deals during these flash sales are unbeatable. This further encourages customers to revisit the store and buy as much as they can get at one go. However, it’s important to remember to ensure that your online store has enough inventory to meet the demands from the flash sale. 

Once the traffic starts rolling in, your sales are bound to increase. You’ll definitely need help organising your stock and packing orders. So, why not let FlyBear take care of it for you? We specialise in pick and pack fulfillments and we’ll make sure that your customers receive their products safely and securely. In short, partnering with us will tremendously help your business grow exponentially.