Shero x Flybear – Amber Chia’s Cosmetic Brand Grows To New Heights With Professional Fulfillment

Malaysian Supermodel, Amber Chia, has made waves across the country with her cosmetic and beauty brand, Shero.

From the products to the packaging, and finally to the way the items arrive to their customers, Shero expects nothing but the best. This is extremely noticeable through their website, social media content and product images. Everything is perfect.

Shero.my x Professional Fulfllment

Conditions To Be Met

Prior to joining, Shero laid out some requirements;

  1. Items must be kept in a temperature and humidity controlled area with no direct sunlight.
  2. Packing requirements must follow Shero’s Standard Operating Procedure.
  3. Fast turnaround for inbound and outbound processes with accuracy.

Professional Fulfillment by Flybear

As a professional fulfillment centre, Flybear Pick & Pack offers a range of services to help companies like Shero. The first thing we did was separate and organise all of Shero’s SKUs sparsely. We use dedicated pick bins for each SKU. This ensures no SKU will be mixed up during storage and picking process.

Flybear Professional Fulfillment

The pick bins as well as all of Shero’s inventory is kept in a temperature controlled and fully air-conditioned room with no direct sunlight, making sure no item melts or dries up.

After racking was completed. We connected their webstores and marketplaces to our Warehouse Management System. Through this API link, we are able to retrieve all orders automatically, and push inventory amount directly to each selling platform. The WMS also helps create and manage virtual bundles / kits – which Shero has a lot of.

*A virtual bundle / kit is an SKU that is created to add multiple SKUs into one listing. For example, SKU#Birthday-Bundle can include SKU#123 and SKU#456.


When an order is received, we begin are standard operating procedure. Each bin in our trolleys has one single order. We fill up the trolley bins and send it to the packing table. We then follow the packing procedures described by Shero.

Shero Packaging

Shero has multiple packaging requirements, one of them is a bubble mailer for small items.

Flybear, the best choice for professional fulfillment

For a client like Shero, we have gone above and beyond, offering flexibility and professionalism. We are able to cater to their demands and provide even more. Flybear takes over fulfillment responsibilities so the company can focus on more important things, like marketing and sales!

Been with flybear for quite a while, very efficient & very responsible on their daily operations. Very satisfied and would definitely recommend to businesses.

Shermin from Shero (5 Star Google Review)