Malaysian Fulfillment Center

Expand into Malaysia with a local fulfillment center for as low as US$ 100 a month!

Let us tell you why you need a fulfillment center in Malaysia.

Currently, Malaysia’s population stands at around 32 million people. Due to tech-savvy buyers as well as the current global conditions, Malaysia’s eCommerce market has registered an estimated 24.7% growth in the year 2020 alone. The market is expected to reach MYR51.6bn (US$ 12.6bn) by 2024.

Most of the people love having their items shipped locally. Why?

  • Cheaper Delivery Cost
  • Quicker Delivery
  • Supporting the local community

Get a local shipping address!

When you partner with FlyBear, your items will be shipped through a local address. Whether it be from Shopee, Lazada or any other webstore, you can proudly state that items will be shipped from Selangor, Malaysia!

What does the Flybear Fulfillment Center offer?

Pick and Pack ecommerce fulfillment,flybear


Packing ecommerce fulfillment,flybear


Delivery of ecommerce fulfillment,flybear


What are the Rates in Our Fulfillment Center?

Our packages start as low as US$ 100 per month, which includes our management fee and storage fee for 1 cubic meter (our minimum monthly commitment). Below are some of the rates we charge in US dollars. If you would like to get a full quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Management Fee

US$ 75 / Month

Storage Fee

US$ 6 / Week / CBM

Inbound / Outbound

From US$ 0.12 / US$ 0.25 / item

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