Step 1 Fulfillment

Receive orders from any platform!

Our fulfillment center will receive your orders from marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada, as well as web-carts such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

Step 2 Fulfillment


Our fulfillment center will receive your orders from marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada, as well as web-carts such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

Step 3 Fulfillment

Send to logistics partner

All major logistics companies pick-up from our warehouse daily!


Pick and Pack Storage ecommerce fulfillment,flybear


Starting at RM 98 / Cubic Meter / Month, your items will be stored in a clean, safe and climate-controlled warehouse.

Pick and Pack ecommerce fulfillment,flybear


Starting at RM 0.25 / Item, each item entering the warehouse will be stock-counted and will go through a standard quality control process.

Pick and Pack Ecommerce Fulfillment,flybear


Starting at RM 0.80 / Item, orders will be picked and packed based on your requirements.

Delivery of ecommerce fulfillment,flybear


We work with your preferred logistics partner to ensure your items are picked up as soon as possible.


Try the calculator below to get an estimation of how much you would be charged per month. Please do note that this is a simplified calculator and actual charges will differ base on various factors such as item size, weight, courier charges and required packing procedures, etc. Moreover, the estimation calculator is here to give you a rough idea of how much you could be charged based on items moving in and out of the warehouse.



Thanks, we will contact you soon

Describe Your Items

Give general information regarding your items

Choose the size that best fits your needs.

Size Estimates
Small : 10 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm
Medium : 25 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm
Large : 35 cm x 35 cm x 15 cm
XL : 45 cm x 45 cm x 20 cm

Choose the average weight of your items.

You need to select an item to continue

Starting Storage Amount

Give an estimate of how much storage you will have at the beginning of the month!

in Cubic Meters

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Inbound Items

Estimate the amount of items coming in to the warehouse

Estimate the amount of items coming into the warehouse for the month. This generally is new stock / re-stock of SKUs.

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eCommerce Outbound

Estimate how items you'll have leaving the warehouse each month!
**Not inclusive of delivery cost**

Per Month

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Final Charge Estimate For Your Month

The final estimated price is :

Thank you for using our calculator to estimate your pricing. Please do note that the prices given are not final and actual monthly charges may be higher or lower than calculated. Final monthly charges are dependent on various factors such as size of items, required amount of bubble wrap layers, when items leave and come into the warehouse, etc.


Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :

Sell to Malaysians from Malaysia!

Due to tech-savvy buyers as well as the current global conditions, Malaysia’s eCommerce market has registered an estimated 24.7% growth in the year 2020 alone. The market is expected to reach MYR51.6bn (US$ 12.6bn) by 2024.

Malaysian Fulfillment Center

Local Address

When prices are comparable, customers are more likely to purchase from a local listed address!

Cheaper Delivery

The average charge to deliver to addresses in Peninsular Malaysia is less than USD 2.

Quicker Delivery

The average time to deliver to addresses in Peninsular Malaysia is between 1 to 5 days.

Flybear is trusted by merchants from all over the world. Contact us today to learn more.

Sri Lanka
  • Best warehouse and fulfillment guys ever. Highly recommended.

    thumb Nathaniel Loe
    February 18, 2023

    Using Flybear for more than half a year already and their services are great from their system and for packing system which are unlikely to have mistakes. Person in charge... read more

    thumb Nabilah SN
    February 9, 2023

    Working with FlyBear has been an absolute pleasure. It's completely changed such a critical part of my business from being very stressful, to just a complete ease. Fulfillment, Logistics,... read more

    thumb Hamiz Shah
    July 1, 2022
  • Been using them for a couple months now since switching from a previous vendor. Service is impeccable. Number of wrong items being sent to wrong customers is zero (used... read more

    thumb Samer Helmy
    July 1, 2022

    We chose Flybear because we heard they were good for small businesses. MyAti.my has just started and we definitely need a strong support system. We are impressed with Flybear's... read more

    thumb Ati Miya
    March 2, 2022

    I'm From Sri Lanka, I found this company when I was looking for many fulfillment companies in Malaysia. From the beginning, they were extremely supportive, patient and flexible. Also reliable.... read more

    thumb Nadeesha Kasthuriarachchi
    October 6, 2021
  • Passionate team, great service & reasonable price. Highly recommended 👍

    thumb S N LIM
    October 26, 2020

    My business was depending so much flybear , they handle everything while i was outside the country and couldn’t return due to covid- the stuff is SUPER helpful & Very... read more

    thumb Maram Elmalah
    October 26, 2020

    We are a small local business that was seeking for a reliable logistics and fulfiment company. Using the services of Flybear was one of the best thing that happened to... read more

    thumb KOZO .online
    October 23, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not accept any food related items.
Yes, we can arrange COD for your parcels. We usually work with DHL and are able to provide you with their charges.
No, we do not. We work from Monday to Fridays, excluding public holidays.
We are very transparent with our costs. We have charge;
  1. Monthly Management Fees
  2. Storage Fees
  3. Inbound Fees
  4. Outbound Fee
  5. Optional Charges
First, contact us through e-mail or WhatsApp. Provide as much detail as possible in terms of the items you are selling and your packing requirements.

We will then send you a quotation. Once confirmed, we will send you a contract to be signed. After that, you can send over your items to our warehouse and we can begin the onboarding!
Our contracts can range from 3, 6 or 12 months. Discounts are given for longer contracts.

You may exit the contract with 1-month notice, but of course, terms and conditions will apply.
Each merchant will receive coverage of up to RM 8,500 per Cubic Metre of storage. The insurance will cover theft, fire and other damages in the warehouse only.
The charge includes handling and packing into a courier flyer, as well as the waybill printing and sticking. Any additional requirements such as bubble wrapping or box assembly will incur extra costs.
Yes, we provide everything at an additional cost, for example;

  • Bubble wrapping
  • Black film wrapping
  • Box assembly and procurement
  • Card printing
  • Bespoke wrapping requirements
  • and so much more
Contact us and get a quote based on your packing requirements.
Yes! Flybear has a bespoke cloud-based inventory system that can be accessed whenever you want. You can read more about it here.
We connect to all major marketplaces and web-carts through our partners, Zetpy. Through FlyBear, you will have the ability to aggregate up to 1,000 orders per month.
We do not provide delivery for e-Commerce orders. However, we do provide van delivery services when you need to send a bulk amount to retail stores and resellers in the Klang Valley.